Intelligent Decentralized Networks Initiatives (IDNI) is a website currently presenting the following initiatives:
  • Tau-Chain: Programmable decentralized P2P network based on ontologies and reasoning.
  • Agoras: An intelligent market built upon Tau-Chain to feature intelligent personal agents, programming market, computational power market, and a futuristic search engine.
  • Routers.Space: Decentralizing the internet is possible only with decentralized physical infrastructure. We therefore intend to design placing routers in space after Tau-Chain and Agoras will be stable. If you're an expert on this field please contact us.

Information about those initiatives present on this website, on the blog and on Bitcointalk.

For quick links including our Youtube channel and Let's Talk Bitcoin introductory show, please visit tauchain.org.

Discussions about development take place on freenode at ##idni.