Our Vision

We aim to build a better society where knowledge can be created more efficiently and better distributed to solve complex problems. With the help of machines, we can solve the knowledge and opinions scaling problem. No more forgotten or dismissed knowledge, and no more bottlenecks in the discovery and transfer of knowledge.

Our Team

We gathered people who are passionate about changing our world and to build a better society. Our team is composed of professionals across different industries and practices, to make sure our development is relevant to people from all disciplines.

Core Team

Isar Flis

Strategy and Operations

Isar has 3 years of consulting experience from Ernst & Young, where he worked with startup companies. He is a veteran member of the Israeli Bitcoin Community and the president and co-founder of the Blockchain and Innovation Club at Cornell University. Isar is an MBA candidate at Cornell University and holds a LL.M and BS in Economics.
Ohad Asor


Ohad is a Software Developer and Mathematician at top tech companies in Israel since 1995. He was the youngest university student in Israel, studying Mathematics and Computer Science. Over the years he has accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in programming and various areas of math, with recent focus on and logic, machine learning, complexity theory, philosophy of science, economics, social choice, and decentralized networks. He designed and implements Tau and Agoras. As the founder, he is currently leading the development of the project.
Georgi Karov


Karov is a Lawyer with over 20 years of post-qualified experience in number of jurisdictions. He is providing (as Behest.io) legal and consulting services for blockchain enterprises, while serving as a general counsel for ET3. Karov holds a LL.M and BS in Economics.


Douglas Miles

Knowledge Representation & Reasoning

DMiles is a software design & research engineer with over 30 years of experience in a number of programming languages. During his career, he had created several artificial intelligence applications for government and military contracts. Past and present he has designed the minds of some of the famous social robot companies, such as Daxtron Labs, Hanson Robotics, and Terasim Movement are known for.
Felix Forster

Business Development

Felix advises a large VC on their emerging tech strategy and is interested in all kinds of complex dynamical systems. Operating in the blockchain space for many years, Felix founded a first-generation payment provider for cryptocurrencies in 2013, while operating a company that developed automated trading systems for the stock market. He studied business and economics with focus on information systems and marketing.
Yann Wang

Asian Market Communications

Yann has abundant project management experience working in China Academy of Social Sciences, the top research institute in China. He is an entrepreneur (founded SPO and co-founder of LunarX), an angel investor and a veteran in the crypto-world, where he helped building communities for various projects since 2013. Yann holds a M.Phil and B.Eng.
Ethan Chen


Ethan has over 14 years of experience as a product and marketing manager in a global megabank and an online forex company, focusing mainly on large enterprises. In the past few years, he was providing marketing and community building services to several ICO projects, including Starbase, Mainstreet, SingularDTV, Firstblood and BlockCDN. Ethan holds a BS in Business Management.


CapitanArt is a graphic design and 3D animation business, led by Juan, a graphic illustrator with more than 20 years of experience, and his brother Jordi, a member of the Blockchain Association in Catalonia. CapitanArt provides design and concept art services for top companies such as Amazon, Ubisoft and Motorola. Juan is a master and a trainer for digital drawing, while Jordi has BS in computer science and telecommunications.
Fola Adejumo

Business Development

Fola is a startup expert, with years of experience in managing, and unifying global teams. He has an industrious career in product creation through his dealings in global manufacturing, co-ordinating product design and delivery, for Fortune 500 companies. Armed with first-hand knowledge as the founder of a successful company prior, Fola understands how to take a company from a single apartment to a global network.
Tomáš Klapka

Testing and Tools

Tomáš is an IT specialist with more than 20 years of experience in software development, integrating systems and administration. He has worked for various companies, including SUSE and Liberty Global. His interest in Semantic Web technologies and the future of internet exposed Tomáš to Tau-chain, where he already developed the first TML playground
Fran de la Torre

Web Developer

Fran started programming and designing web pages in the year 2000 and in his 18 year career he has carried out hundreds of projects for companies and public administrations in Galicia - Spain. He defines himself as a passionate self-taught in perpetual training. Crypto-enthusiast since 2015 believes in decentralization and transparency of any kind of power