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posted Apr 28, 2015, 4:49 AM by Ohad Asor   [ updated Apr 28, 2015, 7:27 AM ]
Dear Readers,

It's been a while since I gave updates here. As you can see on our github, I'm busy with development around the clock over the last months. I have implemented JSON-LD algorithms in order convert JSON-LD (more human readable) into quads (less human readable). There isn't really an efficient native code spec-conforming JSON-LD implementation, and tau seems to be the first to supply such. I've also been working on a reasoning engine. Again, you cannot really find efficient native code reasoner. Currently I'm almost finished making my port of Euler reasoner to work correctly. Also, I plan making it work with GPUs.
So we probably going to have soon the fastest and most powerful open source deductive reasoning tool ever. Besides speed, it'll offer fascinating features that no AI currently have: the ability to communicate with other such intelligent creatures. The reasoning engine will have networking builtins, so it can decide to connect or listen or talk. Even more: thanks to the blockchain algorithm, those intelligent entities will be able to agree on time ordering of events, and crypto algorithms will make it possible to subscribe to software (like decentralized Appstore/Play), securely get updates by the blockchain, and to generate, supply and receive proofs that the given software is indeed correct.
The latter has to do with another main feature of tau which is the typesystem being Martin-Lof type theory. The combination of RDF with Martin-Lof is innovative by itself, allowing to provably implement any software over tau. In addition, Martin-Lof type theory is decidable, means that every truthful claim can be proved (like a claim that a program is doing what it should do). This isn't possible under undecidable theories, like Turing complete ones.
There's much to explain, and if you'd like to grok those subjects please join our IRC channel. Any help will be appreciated, either by development or by funding.
Now I'll get back to the code, and I guess I'll come back here again when more things are ready :)
Thanks for your patience and support.