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Replacing the Intermediate Tokens

posted Apr 8, 2016, 10:28 PM by Ohad Asor
Recently we had an incident of stolen tokens due to impostors pretending to be Poloniex. We therefore invalidated the old token and issued a new token. The new token was 
already distributed to all holders.
The old asset's number is 35 (Agoras Tokens) and new asset's number is 58 (number 58, IDNI Agoras). Bittrex supports the replacement as well and trading continues as usual.
Great thanks to Richie and Bill from Bittrex, and to Zathrasc, Craig and Adam from Omni. Their support was very friendly and professional!
It is very important to make sure not to buy or sell the old tokens. They are not valid anymore and worth nothing. It is better to return or burn them as instructed here.
Thanks for all the support all around! We got contacted from Tau's and Agoras' supporters all over these days. Very appreciated!