Update: The direct sale is on hold since July 1st 2017 for until products are ready.

Tau-Chain has no coins as for itself, but it comes with underlying facilities required for decentralized economy.
We plan to create Agoras, a decentralized intelligent economy with far going abilities and implications.
Agoras will have a currency and we pre-sale its coins now. There is a total amount of 42,000,000 intermediate coins (IDNI Agoras Tokens), that represent 100% of future Agoras coins. More details are given at this blogpost, and some more elaboration on Bitcointalk here and here.

Current exchanges that trade AGRS: OpenLedger and OmniDex. Wallets for AGRS are Omni wallets

Why buy AGRS? Because it will give you the opportunity to participate in a knowledge economy, designed to be fairer and more advanced in many aspects. Profits over this economy (Agoras) depend only on the users' efforts over the platform. We, the developers, will not engage in efforts to create profits for the users e.g. by marketing with the goal to increase the token's value. We only create a better environment for free economy.

IDNI Agoras (AGRS, Omni asset ID 58) is listed on coinmarketcap featuring a partial list of exchanges.

Wholesale discounts for direct buyers (via contact us or email with some more explanations appear at the end of the project roadmap blogpost. (as in the update, the direct sale isn't going on for now)

Please don't hesitate contacting us for any question or in order to purchase outside of the exchange.


The Terms and Conditions appear at